Helping Local Businesses

With the online game now-a-days, there are plenty of ways to make money online.  Our favorite way is to help local businesses rank online and make money via their website.  In most cases, businesses have, what we call, an online business card as their website.  This is merely an informational website that just has their name, their logo, their mission statement or about page, and their services.  

Let us not forget the obvious contact page with all the ways to call them or visit their brick and mortar business.  A majority of business owners know their skillset; not website design or even how to generate leads for their business.  They have a skill and that is why they started their business… but that does not mean they will be successful just because they are damn good at what they do; without customers and without new leads, businesses fail constantly.

Local Business Marketing

This is why our favorite means of internet marketing is working with local businesses.  We know the internet marketing game and they provide an amazing service that people desire and need.  Working together is an amazing combination of how two businesses can lean on each other to both become successful.  Convincing a business owner to change their website into a lead generating machine is not hard merely because they have never thought of it.  Most of them will say, “Well, we knew we needed a website so people could find us and contact us but we have no idea how to turn that into a lead generation machine.  We usually just send out mailers or ads in the local paper.”  Once you hear them say this, it is almost certain you can turn them into a client.

local business

With online lead generation and internet marketing, the key is to provide answers and solutions.  When people use Google, they have a question or problem.  It is from there that Google helps them by locating the best website to answer their questions and to try and help them solve their problem.  If your website does not answer any questions and does not provide any solutions, you will not get them on your website and you will not generate any leads.  They key here to to provide the users with the answers, solutions, and alternative means so they can overcome their obstacle.  From there, the rest is easy.  Give them a giant phone number to easily see (so that they call you) and provide a contact form on every single page of the website making communication easy for them.

One simple secret that we use on all of our client websites is to eliminate all prices from the website.  By removing the prices, it almost forces them to contact you either by phone or via email.  They want answers but that does not mean you have to give them ALL of the answers.

They want answers and help – make sure your website is providing those simple things so that you can rank online and begin providing the business with leads as opposed to just having an online business card.