Deciding On An Internet Marketing Program

The best way to decide if an internet marketing program is a scam or not is to simply Google the program to see what others are saying.  Reviews have become the key to deciphering what is real and what is a scam/fake strategy.  More often then none, you will see all negative reviews as opposed to the positive ones.  Most people like to promote their opinions and, unfortunately, people tend to post about the bad ones more than the positive ones.  Our team has had many meetings about this and we believe this is why:  if it works, that is what was expected when it was purchased ergo there is no reason to praise it… it did was it said it would do.  However, if it does not do what was promoted, here come the fireworks of negative reviews.  

With that said, be careful when searching for reviews to facilitate what is a legit complaint and what is someone that failed to follow directions and blames the strategy.  This is important when reviewing programs in the MLM and affiliate marketing space.

Check Out Reviews

On the other hand, there are actual review businesses out there that create fake reviews to help promote a product or internet marketing strategy.  Remember, everything online can be fabricated to make you believe anything they want you to believe.  The best way to approach everything is to assume it is a lie until they have given you enough proof and reality to see its true potential.  We have seen thousands of “Make Money Online” Programs that are supported by a slew of positive reviews, video testimonials, and forum posters that are all just scams.  

caution sign

They hire outsourcers and people in need of money to get on their personal social media profiles and post about how amazing the product or strategy is for them.

Again, it is always best to believe that everything is a scam or backed behind some large amount of greedy internet marketers before you fall into the success stories.  Reach out to people online, use more than 10 websites for reviews, and always always always check out their website first.  When it comes to these programs, also see what their support system is like when you need help.  Give them a test run by communicating some questions with them before purchasing their product or service.  

The way they interact with you (not to mention how long it takes for them to respond) can be an immediate eye opener as to how they operate as a company.

In most cases, when you try to contact them prior to buying, they will seem happy and nice and push so damn hard on you purchasing their item.  This is usually a sign of a crappy and scammy system.  Customer retention and support are keys to a successful system regardless of how amazing their strategy might be for them.  

Yes, they maybe making money online from it but that does not mean that you will, too.  That is where their support system comes into play and seeing how they will treat you as a potential customer.  

Watch this video to wrap up this post.  Top 10 Misleading Marketing Tactics.  Just be smart!