Creating An Internet Marketing Strategy

The first time our crew set out to develop our own internet marketing strategy, it was extremely frustrating.  Where it would work for one person in their city/town, it may not work for another one.  The competition level for everyone is always different.  So many variables to take into consideration from the city’s population to the SEO companies already functioning and operating there.  With one of our guys completely rocking it by ranking websites in a small town in Texas, that same strategy proved fruitless for another team member of ours in a small town in Ohio.  Thus, we set out to educate ourselves further to find a strategy, or tactic, that would function on all levels of internet marketing… yeah, not THAT easy.

With different markets come thousands of unforeseen variables and obstacles.  What we have found in our attempts is that simplicity is the key.  Where we started over complicating things and doing so much stuff, we ended up with headaches for weeks and no results.  We began to gut our tactic and get down to the basics of what works online.  

What are the basics to doing anything online?  Great question:

  1.  The User
  2.  Google
  3.  The Answers

This is what we have gutted everything down to… where it is a small list, we feel that this is what is needed to succeed.

Let’s Dive In

So let us dive into it to explain what we mean.  The user – you can not have an internet marketing company without an audience or user surfing your website.  This takes us into number two – Google.  How did the user find you?  They did what we all do and used a search engine like Google to find you.  Why did they find you?  The answers… they had a question or problem that needed solved and they clicked your link believing you had the answers they sought after.

Is it THAT simple?! No… but yes.  Hahaha, where that is confusing and hard to answer in a simple post, it is the basics and those three things must be achieved before moving into anything more complicated.

Even More Simplified

Let us simply that even more.  Google is the hub of all questions – when you want to know something, you Google (or Yahoo, perhaps you even Bing) it.  Those search engines are on the hunt with glorious and gigantic algorithms to find the answers to the user’s question.  The user uses Google to find an answer ergo your website must have the answers to any potential questions that could be asked about your niche, market, or business.

Where some people go crazy on their internet marketing with affiliate links, pictures, and over the top graphics, they bypass one major component – THE ANSWERS.  As long as you structure your internet marketing venture, whether it be ranking a business/client website, affiliate links, or anything else online to make money, to provide answers and solutions, you will begin to see a tremendous difference in your strategy.  Provide answers and the money will follow.