Helping Local Businesses

With the online game now-a-days, there are plenty of ways to make money online.  Our favorite way is to help local businesses rank online and make money via their website.  In most cases, businesses have, what we call, an online business card as their website.  This is merely an informational website that just has their name, their logo, their mission statement or about page, and their services.  

Let us not forget the obvious contact page with all the ways to call them or visit their brick and mortar business.  A majority of business owners know their skillset; not website design or even how to generate leads for their business.  They have a skill and that is why they started their business… but that does not mean they will be successful just because they are damn good at what they do; without customers and without new leads, businesses fail constantly.

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Deciding On An Internet Marketing Program

The best way to decide if an internet marketing program is a scam or not is to simply Google the program to see what others are saying.  Reviews have become the key to deciphering what is real and what is a scam/fake strategy.  More often then none, you will see all negative reviews as opposed to the positive ones.  Most people like to promote their opinions and, unfortunately, people tend to post about the bad ones more than the positive ones.  Our team has had many meetings about this and we believe this is why:  if it works, that is what was expected when it was purchased ergo there is no reason to praise it… it did was it said it would do.  However, if it does not do what was promoted, here come the fireworks of negative reviews.  

With that said, be careful when searching for reviews to facilitate what is a legit complaint and what is someone that failed to follow directions and blames the strategy.  This is important when reviewing programs in the MLM and affiliate marketing space.

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Creating An Internet Marketing Strategy

The first time our crew set out to develop our own internet marketing strategy, it was extremely frustrating.  Where it would work for one person in their city/town, it may not work for another one.  The competition level for everyone is always different.  So many variables to take into consideration from the city’s population to the SEO companies already functioning and operating there.  With one of our guys completely rocking it by ranking websites in a small town in Texas, that same strategy proved fruitless for another team member of ours in a small town in Ohio.  Thus, we set out to educate ourselves further to find a strategy, or tactic, that would function on all levels of internet marketing… yeah, not THAT easy.

With different markets come thousands of unforeseen variables and obstacles.  What we have found in our attempts is that simplicity is the key.  Where we started over complicating things and doing so much stuff, we ended up with headaches for weeks and no results.  We began to gut our tactic and get down to the basics of what works online.  

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